It’s funny how I was just bumping Apani’s ‘Story 2 Tell’ a few days ago which left me wondering what she was up to nowadays, lo and behold I stumbled upon this release to much excitement. The UK based Jazz Spastiks concoct a smooth groovy joint with all the elements of classic jazz,the swinging drums,horns to syncopated rhythms and all. It’s really great to hear new stuff from Apani B Fly too as she weaves through the sonic soundscape with gusto and fluidity. This is fresh to say the least and there is also a more sparse sounding remix to go with the single.


Tune in and get with the program.


Legendary NY female emcee Apani B Fly teams up with England based Jazz Hop duo, Jazz Spastiks for the chilled out single, “Move”.

“Move” is the third single from the Jazz Spastiks‘s new album The Product, which will drop on 4/14/04.

The Product features Apain B Fly, Moka Only, Count D Bass, Sach, Yesh and Ladybug Mecca. If you are a fan of jazz inspired production, cuts, and exceptional lyricism, then The Product is for you.




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