After hearing about how JAY Z performs Picasso Baby for six hours at the Pace Art Gallery in New York City, here’s the end result, translating into the video for his hit single. Directed by Mark Romanek, the video premiered right after JAY Z’s interview on HBO‘s Real Time With Bill Maher (for my fellow intellectuals, watch here). Once the music starts in the video, you can obviously see why he spat the verses as long has he did. Even seeing a cameo appearance from hiphop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy (especially.. Rosie Perez) is still mind-blowing to me (in a good way)!

For quite some time, there has been this wide open gap where art and music hasn’t intertwined as much. Maybe it’s me that can feel it, but I’m sure there are others that feel the same way. From the visions that JAY Z has for the future (starting with his #newrules campaign), I’m sure that he’s trying to bridge the gap between the two. JAY Z explains, “When art started becoming a part of the galleries, it became a separation between culture, and even in hiphop people were like artists to bougeois. We’re artists; we’re alike.. we’re cousins. That’s what’s really exciting for me, bringing the worlds back together. “

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