PIFF Music Empire capo Jamal Gasol returns with new heat (and accompanying visuals) for the songs “Cataract City” and ” Superior Man.” Both are produced by Bass Reeves and the first leak from their forthcoming EP, The Novelty Of Standards. “Cataract City” has a jazz soul vibe with its soulful keys and nostalgic horns which fits Jamal Gasol’s vivid storytelling about his experiences in the hood and all the various characters he met along the way. “Superior Man” is ripe with cinematic blaxploitation vibe and sees the rapper in full luxurious mode as a hustler savoring his success while the haters stay mouthing off in the bleachers.


The Novelty Of Standards will drop exclusively via Bandcamp this Friday (Nov 26th) and will arrive at all DSP’s on November 29th. Pre-order: Here

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