Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.

This week we double the videos and give viewers some extra bang for their buck.






Multi-faceted artist ADRIANA ROSSO opens up the video playlist with “Dm”. The track is an anthemic tune that showcases her Spanish roots and knack for bending hip-hop with alternative pop elements. The production is as dynamic as they come and sees her in her true element as she takes charge and proceeds to break the conventional rules on her own terms. The visual is also a testament to her skill as a performer as she delivers a commanding performance showcasing contemporary dance with b-girl elements as well.


Darian Smith Jr x The Most High Sav – “SING WITH THE WIND”


Darian Smith Jr continues #DSMITHSATURDAYS II with producer The Most High Sav as they deliver the 6th addition titled “SING WITH THE WIND”. The soulful track sees Darian delivering a vivid story about several characters and events that many can relate to. The visual makes use of performance shots of the rapper in different spots in his stomping grounds and the retro special effects are brilliant.



Oloff – “What Does It Matter?”

Oloff returns to the booth after facing health challenges and he delivers his new single “What Does It Matter?” which questions the real purpose of our being on Earth. The thought-provoking tune is bolstered by a vibrant production and Oloff’s distinct voice which listeners can feel due to it’s cracked tone no thanks to his illness. However, that didn’t stop Oloff from recording as he wanted to pour out his true emotions for all to hear and feel. The visual style is more DIY and lots of performance shots of the rapper as he runs through his stomping grounds.



Driftwood. – “Other Oceans”.

Alternative R&B artist Driftwood who hails from Sydney makes his appearance on our list with his new release titled “Other Oceans”. The track is a blend of Afrocentric and experimental sounds peppered with rich R&B textures and atmospheric pads to match. Driftwood pours his heart on wax with his distinct melodic tone and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on life, love and emotional pain. The visuals shot in Capetown South Africa capture his performance style and the beautiful scenery of the city among other elements.


Malicious – “Guard Ya Heart”

Malicious reminds us to “Guard Ya Heart” in his insightful track. The vocal sample-driven track produced by Mr. Malish (Malicious’ producer moniker) is a reminder that we should all take caution whenever it comes to forging relationships to avoid disappointments. The accompanying visual employs performance shots and quick-cut scenes that focus on Malicious.

Jamal Gasol – “Diamond Cut”

Veteran underground emcee Jamal Gasol drops visuals for his single “Diamond Cut”. The sombre piano-laen track produced by Hiyah is peppered with vivid lyricism from Jamal who holds down the fort perfectly. The video was shot by DeeLockit and edited by Red Sun Video who make use of cinematic elements such as fast cut scenes, subtle visual effects and performance shots of the rapper doing his thing.

The track is the opening record from the PIFF Music Empire label which Gasol has started to shine a light on the talent from his hood of “Dirty Waters” (aka Niagara Falls, NY). The first two artists on the label include upstate legend Rico Tellem and up-n-comer GBlock Tez.


Pawz One – “Sepukku”

Pawz One drops visuals for his song “Sepukku”, a track taken from his Persona Non Grata album. Over the ominous and dark soundscape provided by Shanty Gallos, Pawz One shares his disdain for fake fans and the total lack of honour in this modern era. The Mighty Muds video follows suit with a solid story board that taps into the theme of the song as we see Pawz One in the role of the lone urban warrior carrying the honour and respect-like weight on his shoulders.


Malik Gita – “Power”

Pretoria, South Africa-raised artist Malik Gita talks about true “Power” in his new single. The track is as cinematic and hard-hitting as they come with its bouncy groove and excellent flip of the classic Snap single of the same name. Malik shows us how power works and breaks down the various facets of the theme in his own manner. The visuals come with a social commentary-driven narrative that threads various elements of the power of media in general and how people’s views and lives can be changed in a second.
ce. Malik Gita has been hard at work in the studio and just released his debut EP titled “The Kasi Mixtape, Vol. 1.” Listeners can expect nothing short of greatness as he mixes his raw, powerful sound and dope lyrics to bring you a taste of real Hip Hop.



QU/NTEN – Take it Slow (feat. Cuuhraig)”


22 Years Old Monroe NC/ Carson California-raised rapper QU/TEN is not new to use and he makes his appearance on our video list with his new single “Take It Slow” which sees him teaming up with Cuuhraig. The result is a smooth melodic-driven summer jam that talks about blossoming love and being down for the cause. The summer-tinged visual employs performance shots of both artists and vintage VHS visual effects.

LiScott – “Listen”

Multi-talented singer/songwriter LiScott wants us to “Listen” in her new single. The blend of R&B and hip-hop is perfect and LiScott delivers a solid performance ripe with unapologetic lyrics that showcase her skill as a singer and rapper. The performance-driven visualizer has a throwback R&b aesthetic that focuses on LiScott’s overall style and it’s well-crafted.

Name Sayers – “Three Will Grow Back”

Genre-bending music group Name Sayers teamed up with Wayne Kramer, Chirs Conde and E-Turn for this gripping collaboration titled “Three Will Grow Back” which is taken from their sophomore album, Joyboys In The Grindhouse.  The record is bolstered by an equally engaging visual that blends AI- Animation with dark eye-catching motifs.


Ize – “Gang Shit”


Essex rapper Ize closes out the visual playlist with “Gang Shit” which is bolstered by a cinematic and thumping soundscape and of course, a graphic lyrical display from the emcee. The visuals capture his street lifestyle and it’s peppered with performance shots, luxury cars and a handful of baddies showcasing their assets. Whilst many of his contemporaries focus on the downsides of the road life, “Gang Shit” flips that narrative and celebrates the lifestyle and luxuries that can come with going legit.


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