Emerging Midwest rapper Jalen Frazier and Ohio-raised producer Jalenn team up for JESUS LOOKS LIKE ME. The project is a 4 track EP that pairs the rapper and producer duo for a brilliant and lyric-dense collaboration.

“ONLY 4 THE…”  is the first record and sets the tone with its sombre and soulful vibes. The production is ripe with soulful chords, pads and a rich melodic vocal sample with minimal percussions. Here Jalen Frazier delivers a laidback melodic performance with a whispered tone. The theme of the track centers around loyalty and brotherhood which is accentuated by lines like “I only pop out with the family/Ride for the family, shoot it for the family, only for the family”. It is quite short and its overall reflective feel is a good way to open up the project. On “BLAC CHILD”, a sombre and somewhat melancholic backdrop made up of warm vocal runs and soft retro-keys. Jalen goes for broke here as he details his work ethic and his laser-sharp state of mind with bars like “I ain’t never try to reason with the regular folk/Rest in peace, they got him carried like he move with the coat/Hold the nigga to the fire for the words that he spoke/And with a passion they be breaking down the quotes that I wrote”. The record is quite edgy and fully encapsulates Jalen’s stylish flow and somewhat stream-of-consciousness approach to writing.


“SIMILAR COMPLEXION” continues the soulful theme of the project with its warm and nostalgia-inducing vibe. The track starts with a plethora of vocal samples from obscure sources that set the foundation for what is to come. This is followed by Jalen’s commanding flow and boastful off-kilter raps “Stay ten toes down until the Earth around become eroded/Ain’t no comparison unless you speak about who the goat is/Not a rapper my art is vivid so all you note is staring out the stained glass window when I speak profound, you found your motive”. The track’s bridge is made up of different vocal samples that are centred around spirituality and the essence of the black man. The final track “GOD IS LOVE” is a title lifted from the Bible passage and sees Jalen delivering a vivid tale ripe with a blend of street-savvy lines with insightful themes. From the system being made to entrap young black men to religion being a pillar for some to stand on, Jalen runs through different social strata as he gives his unique take on the craziness of this thing called life.


Overall, the project is short, concise and somewhat dense. The production is well crafted and threaded into the themes so it can feel like each track seamlessly blends into one another. The drumless production is quite diverse and the use of obscure samples and slight changes makes it dynamic but the icing on the cake is the raps. It’s a solid mix of bravado, insightfulness and off-kilter lines.



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