Mount Juliet, Tennessee-based rapper Que K continues his slew of themed projects that cover different topics. His latest release Conversations, is a 7 track body of work that is centered around a phone conversation with his girl and here he breaks down all the dynamics of their relationship in different stages.


The project starts with “Yourself” a dark gloomy piece made up of moody piano chords, bass-heavy drum grooves and distorted textures. Here, Que K talks about a failing relationship, loyalty and being true to oneself.  Armed with his distinct laidback flow and calm demeanour he shows us the inner workings of this situation with lines like “I’ve been doing this, I ain’t new to this/I tried to put you up on game but you playing tricks”.  This is followed by “All The Same”. This track is another dark and reflective tune made up of eerie pads, sparse drum grooves and moody synths. Que K talks about the hustle and daily grind and how it affects one when things don’t go the way we want. He also dwells on how it affects one’s love life and the changes that come with it. Next up is “Feeling U” which features KODAK. The track has a sublime vocal sample underpinned by rich chords and snapping trap drums underpinned by Que K’s smooth talking. Here, he reassures his partner that he will always be down for the whole nine and gives her a glimpse of what he would give her. KODAK appears in the final verse and details his perspective as he woos the woman that caught his eye. The track also benefits from a soothing melodic chorus which adds that extra soulful vibe to it.


“Temptation of a woman” is a candid and heartfelt tale of love and shows some element of vulnerability from Que K. He details the power of the feminine nature and how it can make a man do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Here, Que K changes up his flow and employs a choppy flow which matches the mellow and soulful soundscape. “Red Carpets” has a retro R&B/soul vibe with its rich chords and punchy drums and sees Que K sharing a tale of blossoming love. Here, he flexes his status and gives his girl some exquisite experiences that she might never forget. On “Ride 4 Me”, he teams up with Peso Dice Game and together they ask the pertinent question regarding how loyal their lady would be when it’s crunch time. The production is experimental and it’s hard to categorize but the lyrics are vivid and candid and see Que K pouring adulations on his lady. Peso Dice Game also peppers the track with a rich melodic performance.



The project closes out with “Hollywood chick” , a soothing and relaxing tune that is purely adulation-filled. Que K pays homage to his independent chick who holds it down and still shows him that much-needed love and respect. Overall, the project sticks to its core theme of love, and relationships and its homage to the feminine nature. It is quite a change of topic for Que K and shows how versatile he can be



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