Jai Nitai Lotus gifts us with some fresh visuals for the latest entry in his ongoing One Off Series. The song in question is the Shash’U produced Mondays which also featured Karma Atchykah  on the assist.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

Get the audio HERE

“They say there are good days, bad days, halfway days…then there’s Mondays…”

This “One Off” series by Montreal MC/Producer Jai Nitai Lotus is going strong this time around, joining forces with long-time collaborator MC Karma Atchykah (Silence d’Or) and Producer Shash’U (Silence d’or & Fool’s Gold).

“Monday” is truly in a class of its own; the verses flexing duality in a range topics from messing with ex-girls, partying in the club, white privilege and plenty jazz references. The grind never sleeps, Monday is always around the corner…

Jai Nitai Lotus’ “One Off” series is collection of singles that hold weight on their own.

Previous “One Off”s include:

“You I” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INYiZs8nYyM

“Standoffish” – https://soundcloud.com/lotus-jai-nitai/standoffish-jai-nitai-lotus-shogun-ceasrock

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