Jai Nitai Lotus, one of Montreal‘s finest lyricists and producers, is at it again with ‘HONEST’. For those who don’t know this brother, I recommend you check out his LP Something You Feel after digesting this top-of-the-pile goodness. This cut has Jai giving new life to the Pusha T banger ‘Number On The Boards’. The lyrics are sharper than ever and the message is crystal clear. 

“…Come and meet the pilot,I’m holding down the island

See the tide shift when they focus on alignment

Honest, I put mothers on the boards

Can a woman live without taking off her draws?…”

 Jai Nitai is currently working on his upcoming mixtape called Acknowledgement in collaboration with Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow‘s label, Somothaship Connect.

 Montreal-based MC/Producer Jai Nitai Lotus (pronounced Jhai like Thai, Nee-tie) is back after releasing his highly acclaimed LP Something You Feel, to bring forth his new mixtape project titled Acknowledgement. The title is inspired by the opening song on the legendary John Coltrane album, A Love Supreme. For Jai Nitai, it’s about acknowledging the original source of creation: the Creator, as well as artists he draws inspiration from. Jai reworks an impressive variety of productions from artists such as Haitus Kaiyote, Kanye West, Thunder Cat, Madlib, as well as includes his own originals.

Shot by Pacesix and Jai Nitai Lotus

Artistic Direction and Editing by Jai Nitai Lotus

Dance performance by Pacesix

Color treatment by Sixteen Pads Films


Audio Credits:

Written & Performed by Jai Nitai Lotus

Original Production by Don Cannon & Kanye West for Pusha T’s “Numbers on the Boards”

Outro Beat by Jai Nitai Lotus

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