We got something fresh out the box from the man with the know-how, Jai Nitai Lotus. For those who need a reminder, he’s one helluva producer and rhyme slinger plus he dropped a project called Acknowledgement last year that I totally recommend for everyone out there.  The song in question is Ends Of Transition which is taken off the aforementioned project. A short but pretty engaging cut if I may add. Really dig the part where he splices shots of his favorite albums at the start( yeah I caught that).

 Hit the play button and get with the program.

From a dream to a declaration…This time around, Jai lays a highly emotional flow of dreams, hopes and frustrations over Thundercat’s”Return to the Journey” instrumental. The video provides a journey of seasonal changes and memories that compliment Jai’s lyrical delivery. “I looked in my daughters eye’s and they told me, ‘Daddy look out for the children of the world…’ ”

 “Ends In Transition” is off Jai Nitai Lotus’ recently released mixtape project titled Acknowledgement.

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