LA-based HipHop/R&B duo ISEEBLUE delivers the animated video for their single “WINDOW”. The experimental track blends electronic, hip-hop and r&b in a smooth unique fashion. The dark brooding song details the tale of an individual going through the emotions and looking for a brighter tomorrow. The visual is quite interesting too as it employs retro-fitted computer-generated graphics that give life to the song in a very different way.

“WINDOW” is taken from their upcoming project ACCOUSMATIC

The duo formed forces after being frustrated with their previous musical endeavors which were somewhat restrictive and the duo decided to forge a new path to release the music they truly wanted to create.

The name ISEEBLUE can be interpreted in a variety of ways. You could be seeing blue because you are sad, it’s raining outside, you’re starting at a blue wall, etc. The duo’s goal is to remain as dynamic as their name. The two consistent elements in ISEEBLUE are the producer and the vocalist. Each track has a completely different feel than the last, and the duo’s influences span many genres from Jazz, R&B, electronic, and internet music. Somehow, this culminates in a cohesive style and brand that can only be described as seeing blue.


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