For some reason beyond me, I just never felt the urge to follow Breaking Bad for its entire run. I don’t even remember watching an episode of the show at all and I must say for what it’s worth it definitely left an indelible mark on its viewers far and wide.

Isaac Castor (formerly known as Gameboi) hooks up with producer Kinetic for this Heisenberg-inspired joint. Kinetic crafts an ominous,cinematic soundscape and even uses sound bites from the show to accentuate the theme of the song.

This is pretty sick.

Some may formerly know him as Gameboi, but the 18-year-old MC from Ann Arbor has turned a page in his career and is now going by the name on his birth certificate, Isaac Castor. Michigan-based producer Kinetic laces young Castor with a raw, grimy backdrop that creates the perfect setting for the single named after one of the most villainous alter-egos ever put into existence. “Heisenberg” is the first single off Isaac’s upcoming project High Art, which is due the first quarter of 2014.

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