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First of all, our sincere apologies to Moka Only, Chief and you for the delay in posting this. It’s been a little while, but I can assure you the wait was worth it, as this interview is a gem!
We told you about Moka Only and Chief’s show at East Village in London for Doctor’s Order previously with our review and we posted some great pictures courtesy of Ruben Cruz of Kraken photography, but it is now time to present our exclusive interview with the duo, recorded a few hours before the show, where they tell us about London, Crickets and more.
Big shout out to Spin Doctor for providing a place for us to conduct the interview and of course to Moka Only and Chief, who took some time to chill with us and answer our questions despite jet lag and tiredness. It was much appreciated and we had a great time with them before and during the show. Now, without further delay, let me share with you a very fun and informative interview with two very talented and down-to-earth artists.

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