After the releases of Panacea’s 12 Step Program and K-Murdock and Randoms Forever Famicom we caught up with K-Murdock for a interview.

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So for some of the visitors who have been living in a cave for the last few years… introduce your self.

My name is K as in Kyle Murdock and i been making music for over 12 years now… which upon saying, makes me feel old, but basically i started freshman year of college when i was 18 and I’m glad i never stopped tinkering with sounds :) I also been doing radio almost as long and am very proud of that facet of my career as well!  Other than beats, i love watching anime, playing lots of video games and other random stuff like “staring into space when I’m feeling berserk”.

12 Step Program is Panacea’s 5th studio album and many are calling it your best work yet, Do you agree?  And are you completely happy with the way the album turned out and the response to the album?

Each album for us is different, like a child ya know, its hard to pick a  favorite because each album encapsulates a moment in time of an artist growth, so rather I’ll say I’m beyond happy that people seem to say we get better with each record as it reflects our progression as artist & men in life and good progress is always the goal!  From start to finish, I’m very proud of it, because it was no one but myself and Raw Poetic and the fact we released it independently on my label imprint, Neosonic Productions, makes it that much better!

Panacea (K-Murdock / Raw Poetic)

In regards to Panacea, you pride yourselves on being a Progressive Hip Hop group, how do you find the inspiration and thought process to continually take your music to new places and new levels?

Honestly, its simple… we use life as the blueprint and just put a fantastic spin on it so that its reality buried under lots of imagery and artistry… without a doubt, anyone who meets myself or Jason (aka Raw Poetic) will know how we are via the albums as its all in there, more of him than me since a lot of the stories come from his life, but i got pieces of me all in the music via what i sample, so listen carefully :)  For us its never hard, we just do what we do by putting ourselves in the music with a twist, to try and over-think this stuff will lead to stagnation, lol.

Were you surprised how quickly people backed the project via Kickstarter and the level of support shown?

HELL YEAH! i never expected to reach the goal in like 10 days… it was incredible… and really let us know the people are riding with us either on a label like Rawkus  or independently! THANK YOU ALL… i promise the packages are on their way :)

Your internationally known without being ‘famous’ or internationally recognised, And you have built up a very loyal fan base, how does it feel to know the music you make reaches and inspires a varied audience all over the world?  (

I guess for us, it never surprises us who is listening as we get him by fans all around the globe, i just mailed out CDs today to fans in Denmark, Estonia, Japan and Canada!  Ultimately, we wanna have the music take us overseas so we can rock for these fans too, just like we do domestically, its all about getting a good run of venues together to make the trip worthwhile in this economy but we definitely want it!

Mega Ran and K-Murdock discuss Forever Famicom

You and Random have teamed up on the project ‘Forever Famicom’ tell us about that and how you and Random know each other and what can we expect from this album?

Me and Ran been fans of each others stuff since 2k7… he was into Ink is My Drink & The Scenic Route and i got into him via him submitting music to my hip-hop show Subsoniq when it was on XM Satellite Radio.  He sent me two albums, The Call & Mega Ran and i was blown away by his creativity with the Mega Ran stuff so we just started talking and my idea t do Forever Famicom came to fruition as Ran was the perfect emcee for it… so 3 years later its HERE and the reception has been amazing, its the fastest selling album i have ever produced!

You’ve also released the Mood Muzik series, why do you think Instrumental music has grown more popular the last few years all over the world?

Mood Muzik was my way of doing solo stuff with cool themes and concepts, so the embrace that’s gotten from people around the world is again… humbling and amazing.  I think “instros” speak to EVERYONE as its just that instrumental so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier when listening to singing or rapping since its all samples or instruments arranged in a way that anyone can dig it!  the way i see it, its universal in creation since there’s a cat in Japan rocking an MPC just like there’s someone in Africa or Australia or the US… so naturally whats created especially if hip-hop rooted, will be received universally too… cuz DOPE is DOPE no matter what culture or creed, all in all… its a beautiful thing that i will continue to champion!

Ok i couldnt have a interview without asking you this.  Which artists if you have to pick 3 would you love to produce a track for?

Great question homie…. believe it or not, this hasn’t changed too much over the last decade, i’ll say: Q-Tip/Tribe Called Quest, Sade & The Flaming Lips

Finally, What other projects do you have in store for 2010?

I got 2 more projects on deck for the year… one is a side project with a singer and is called The Ebony Bed, you can get a preview of that here:

The other will be another boutique release of older and unreleased stuff kinda like my Memories of M.A.W.S.L.O.T. album (  I don’t wanna give the name away now, cuz its pretty dope and i don’t want anyone to steal it, but details abut both will be up later this summer!

Thank you for your time, is there any last messages you want to send the fans?

1st off, thanks to Bob from Word is Bond for the lookout and all the help promoting me, Panacea, Forever Famicom, etc… i owe u big homie!  To the fans, worldwide, your support and patience – especially as of recent, inspires me to keep producing and making music, its been a true pleasure meeting and speaking to you all either by email or even phone, i look forward to keeping your music appetites fed for years to come…

Beats, Rhymes & Life…



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