UK emcee In’ovative dives deep into the consciousness of our minds on his new song/video titled “Broken Signals.” He makes good use of the broody backdrop provided by producer Side Be to deliver some thought-provoking lyrics that look at parallels of human evolution from the good, bad and the ugly. With lyrics like “…Society up in the sky, no feet on the ground/Appreciate the life that you have been given, renounce our royal blood, underground reptiles, pounds…” he keeps it down to Earth and implores the listener to maybe do the same. A true lyricist worth the salt, he also delivers another quip that caught our attention, “...Da Vinci made the helicopter now we see a flying drone, filming videos or dropping bombs into apparent foes…” now that is food for thought.

The video shot by Cold Sun Visual is pretty straightforward and focuses on performance shots of the artist out in the sticks. There is some visual fx used to illustrate the mind-bending lyrics and off-the-cuff thoughts from the lyricist. “Broken Signals”  is taken from his debut album Colour of the Sky.

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