This anthemic joint dropped last week and the man behind it isn’t resting on his oars as he blesses us a with a befitting visual to the aptly titled “On Our NY Sh*t” cut.  Once again Innocent? and Nutso take it to the very gritty streets of their beloved city(I could say every hip hop head’s beloved city) reaping for all boroughs. No matter the color and creed, the struggle is similar here.

It ain’t about bringing NY back here, its beyond that, It’s already been eternalized in Hip-Hop. Hit the play button and glow.

New York: to some it’s the stomping ground where one can achieve the American Dream, and to others, it’s a rotten apple and some get the worm. Although life in NY may be tough at times, it has made its inhabitants develop a level of unconditional love for their home. When you combine this love with the hustle that it takes to survive as an artist in these streets, well then you’re officially on your New York sh*t. For the latest release taken from T.H.E.M. Recordings Killin’ the Game compilation, Brooklyn’s Innocent? connects with Q-Borough’s Nutso with “On Our NY Sh*t” for a track that plays out like an all-city anthem, as both artists mob out with their crews. The laid back instrumental which is reminiscent of something you’d find in your parents record stash, sets the stage for both artists to detail their history and love for the city so nice, they named it twice. The people may come and go, but New York pride is eternal. #THEMThursdays


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