We’ve been huge fans of Cambridge producer, Imperial for quite some time now. During that time he’s been on his A game with production, remixing everything from Jurassic 5 to Mr. J Medeiros.

Imperial’s latest release Zone Out is definitely groovin’ and features emcee Kinetik. Zone Out’s chill piano and horns, mixed with some catchy Kinetik flow make a straight banger. The track has been released on Illect Recordings and is available as a FREE download via Imperial’s bandcamp, including instrumental and acapella versions.

Currently residing in Cambridge, UK, Imperials love of multiple genres along with his own personal flavor shines through brightly in his past work.  With a full instrumental project currently in the works and the passion and motivation to be a true innovator in the genre, there’s certainly a bright future ahead for the young producer.  “I just want to produce fresh new music that makes people feel – music that people can connect with”.  “I’ve got a real thing for hip hop’s golden era, which I like to combine with modern production.  I hope this comes through in my music.”

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