Tacoma, Washington-based rapper Howzen makes his entry on our site with two singles “Why Wait” and “Rise with Me” which showcases his versatile style.

“Why Wait” is the first cut that we listen through and it is quite an engaging one. The self-produced track is made up of African melodic chants, punchy trap drums, and slick guitars. Howzen is on deck with the bars and delivers a solid performance ripe with insightful and bravado elements. His younger brother helps out with the melodic chorus as well.

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“Rise with Me” is a reflective tune that sees Howzen sharing candid thoughts on the current state of rap and rappers in general while paying tribute to the ones who inspired him to make great rap music. He pours his all-on wax with a commanding vocal tone and engaging cadence. He also switches things up with some melodic inflections and a handful of wordplay to complete the job.

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