Pianist/producer Michael T Downing makes his entry on our site with two solid instrumentals that showcase his prowess behind the keys and the boards.

The first record we are looking at is titled “I can”  and it’s a smooth blend of boom-bap drums, lush synths, and soft pianos that all culminate in a reflective aesthetic. I like how layered the sounds are and listeners can easily pick up each instrument as they all occupy their respective space in the mix.

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“YOUR DAY” has a 90s r&b vibe with its lush strings, solemn keys, and reflective synths. The drums are in the boom-bap style as well and add that retro feel to it. Again, the arrangement is impeccable and each element stands out and nothing feels overcrowded.


Michael T Downing is a keyboardist and started as a church musician and also produces all types of genres especially in the soul/chill-hop, jazz arena. He and his wife Marlene are the founders of THE KIC-BACK LOUNGE,a digital instrumental music show on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM , in which Michael features his music

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