The cities of New York and New Jersey would forever be remembered as two of the major East Coast cities that played a pivotal role in the 90s Hip-Hop. The boom bap era, where baggy jeans, Timberland boots and black consciousness was all the rage. Fast forward to 2015 and yes we still have the vets dropping hard hitting gems every now and then to the fans delight and this collaboration we have here is no exception. EL Da Sensei (of Artifacts fame), Sadat X(of Brand Nubian fame) together known as XL link up with NC super producer 9th Wonder for the first leak of the duo’s collaborative project(all fingers crossed, this will surely happen) called We Must Stand.
 Fans of these two legends will surely appreciate the soulful head nodding gem which displays the duo in rare form while kicking jewels as expected. We Must Stand at the moment is a one off song so you just have to wait a while to see what else XL has up their sleeves.
Hit the play button right away.
Fans of East Coast rap stalwarts Sadat X and El Da Sensei have been anticipating something collaborative from the duo known as XL for several years, and it’s finally come to fruition today with the first hint of their group titled release, a non-album standout in “We Must Stand.”
If the soul-sampling production here sounds at all familiar, that’s because it’s handled by none other 9th Wonder. The North Carolina producer laced these two living legends with pure, neck-snapping fire that they use to kick knowledge about their worldwide travels, staying independent in a shady industry, and simply keepin’ it movin’. And you better stick around for the final verse, where the two MCs trade bars before giving way to Belgian turntablist, DJ Iron’s track-closing cuts.
If “We Must Stand” has you craving more from these two, don’t sleep on their most recent solo ventures, Sadat’s Never Left LP and El’s Try Again EP. As for XL, the album is coming soon on AVX Records/Empire Distribution.
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