The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Sudanese-American rapper G-SALIH opens up this week’s list with “FOUND YOU”. The single was released earlier this year and it’s a heartfelt and candid track that showcases his songwriting skills underpinned by his background and experiences as a black man in the united states.


LAVL – “Libidinous”

LAVL gets extra sensual with his new single “Libidinous”. Over a moody and sombre backdrop, the rapper details a steamy one o one session with a voluptuous female.


Mykii J x Mimi A.K.A. The Kelly – “BOUNCE”

Mykii J and Mimi A.K.A. The Kelly is the rapping siblings who team up for another club banger titled “BOUNCE”. The upbeat bass heavy track sees them teaming up with Houston-native DJ Lolo for a fun-filled infectious tune underpinned by catchy hooks and energetic rap performances. It is a feel-good anthem that calls for shaking the stress away on the dancefloor.


Chubb Rock – “Grown and Sexy (G.a.S.)” [feat. NY DJ Success & Michael K Success] [Vocal]

Legendary rapper Chubb Rock drops this new smooth anthem titled  “Grown and Sexy (G.a.S.)” featuring NY DJ Success and Michael K Success. Over a smooth bouncy soundscape, Chubb Rock takes us back with a quick hip-hop history that we really needed. From name-dropping fellow legends to street dudes who help shape the game, Chubb Rock gives us a definitive image of NY in the 90s.





Taurean Meacham – Ride Or Die – “La Femme Nakita Version”

Taurean Meacham delivers the remix of his song “Ride Or Die – “La Femme Nakita Version” which sees him teaming up with 17-year-old female producer Nakita from the Netherlands. The piano-laden beat is as bright and engaging as they come and works perfectly against Taurean’s authoritative flow and insightful bars.


Project105 – “BDG”

Las Vegas, Nevada-based rapper Project105 makes a splash on our radar with “BDG”, a hard-hitting track that sees him in full bravado mode. The flow is energetic and animated and the lyrics give listeners a glimpse into his journey as an artist trying to get his just dues in the game. The track is split into 2 parts with a dark haunting switch-up for the second half.


Ed Addo – “Livin’ Right”

Ed Addo‘s single “Livin’ Right” sees him appreciating the little things in life. The feel-good jam is underpinned by his thankful lyrics and a smooth bouncy backdrop. The self-produced track was written, recorded and mixed by Ed himself and it shows how he pours his all into his music. A solid joyful track that is perfect to start off one’s morning with.




Christopher eSX – “Kamehameha” (feat. Soundshroom Wes)

Christopher eSX shoots off a powerful “Kamehameha” alongside his cohort Soundshroom Wes. The groovy tune was just too brilliant not to share as the duo brings a ton of humour, pop references and unbridled fun energy to the track.


Decimus Ray – “Leader”


Decimus Ray caught our ears with this anthemic record titled “Leader”. The production is hard-hitting and made up of airy vocal samples and a dark haunting piano riff while Decimus goes off with an impassioned performance and a whole lot of bravado.

Nate Joël – “She Likes To Dance”

Nate Joël’s new release “She Likes To Dance” is a mid-tempo and bouncy tune that serves as a perfect summer jam. The chorus is memorable and the verses are candid and easy to follow and ripe with reflective and relatable lyrics that dwell on celebrating the small wins and accepting reality in order to move on.


Kouba – “Revolver”


Kouba delivers “Revolver”, a moody insightful tune that showcases his distinct flow and vivid lyricism. Over a 2 step backdrop, he takes us on the journey of the emerging hero wading through the craziness and slowly proclaiming his role at the end of it all.



Dom Deshawn- “Three Sixty Five”


Dom Deshawn returns with his reflective tune titled “Three Sixty Five”. Over a mellow and airy soundscape provided by fellow Columbus, OH native named KwanLi. , Dom shares a vivid tale of depression, family emergencies and self-growth. He takes listeners through the ups and downs of his life and reminds us that the path to success is never smooth so stay the course and put in the necessary work needed to reach the apex.
“Three Sixty Five,” is the first official single from his upcoming album.


Ryvox – “Steve Harvey”


Canadian rapper Ryvox brings an uplifting and party vibe with his new release “Steve Harvey”. The tribute song is a catchy party tune made up of bouncy trap drums and cinematic sampling underpinned by his off-kilter and carefree flows.



Zanyia – “Brenda’s Response”


Emerging rapper/songwriter Zanyia caught our ears with this introspective record titled “Brenda’s Response”. As the title suggests, it’s a reference to the classic 2pac single and is also inspired by the overturning of the Roe Vs. Wade verdict. Over a sombre piano-driven backdrop, she reflects on the dynamics of having a baby in this modern age where women are seeking to at least have a say when it comes down to pregnancy. It’s quite poignant and we see Zaniya get candid with the lyrics that tell a story of a young woman who is not ready to have a baby and is caught up between a rock and the hard place.


Seeeyegee x Alyssa Jane -“Love Enough”


“Love Enough” is the newest release from producer Seeeyegee and vocalist Alyssa Jane who recently thrilled us with their eclectic collaboration. The track is a seamless blend of the alternative soul with hip-hop. Over the sombre and sublime backdrop provided by Seeeyegee, Alyssa Jane pours her heart on wax with retrospective rap verses and an emotional melodic chorus to boot.




Prolific songwriter/producer/singer KID TRAVIS got something new for us this week in the form of this smooth love ballad titled “ALL I NEED”. Over the lush guitar riffs, warm pads and groovy drums, KID TRAVIS pours adulations on his love and shares her attributes with the rest of us.


Butch Vega – “Delarosa”


Butch Vega‘s “Delarosa” is a chilled smooth track underpinned by sombre textures and the rapper’s bravado and vivid introspective lyricism. A smooth mix of Latin vibes with modern rap aesthetics.


ChaJah Hims – “Wonsom ( Hold )”


Ghanaian rapper ChaJah Hims makes his entrance on our list with his new effort titled “Wonsom ( Hold )”. The US-based rapper is building his fan base with some interesting releases and his new effort is a showcase of his skill. Over a smooth trap backdrop, he reminds us that he is the next one to watch. The track is taken from his upcoming EP CapeCianoBoy.


AR – “Being Honest”


AR is back on our list with her new release titled “Being Honest”. as the title suggests, it shows her being candid and real with her feelings and being true regardless of the situation.


Soulful Playground x Moka Only – “Forget The Flowers”


“Forget The Flowers” is the newest single from Moka Only and Soulful Playground. The track is a sombre and reflective tune that details the intimate moments of remembering good times and knowing they can never be recaptured.


Illy Ali – “Don’t Walk Away”


Illy Ali‘s new release “Don’t Walk Away” is a heartfelt and retrospective tune made up of soulful samples and mellow drum grooves. His lyrics are revealing and give listeners a quick glimpse into his life and his tribulations.


Scott D – “Tell Me”

Emerging rapper Scott D comes through with the big guns in his new single “Tell Me”. The track has a moody and somewhat hazy vibe that blends perfectly with his vivid lyricism and smooth flow


Jance – “Momma Said”


Jance taps into the battle spirit of the legendary LL Cool J in this tribute bravado track titled “Momma Said”. Using the same sample and hard-hitting 808 drum grooves, Jance delivers a fiery performance ripe with off-kilter bars.


nord1kone – “The Lab”


“The Lab” is the second single from emerging duo nord1kone and LMT. The track harkens back to the 90s with its dusty samples, crunchy boom-bap groove and vocal scratches. The track is a pure lyrical showcase as they link with veteran New Jersey emcee El Da Sensei and the result is a refresher rap science crash course we didn’t know we needed.


LXG Rude – “Coogi Sweater”


Emerging emcee LXG Rude flexes with his “Coogi Sweater”. The track has a moody but punchy soundscape made up of rich layered textures that form the right backdrop for LXG’s vivid lyricism that dwell on his experiences rocking the famous sweater and soaking in the events occurring around him.



Manny Phesto – “Ashtray”


“Ashtray” is a collaboration between Manny Phesto and Producer J57 who provides him with a sombre dreamy soundscape. The drums are bouncy and soft and the layered textures are dreamy and moody while Manny delivers a plethora of vivid lines underpinned by wordplay and insightful elements.

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