Geneva, Switzerland-based hip-hop label Herd Culture Kids collective tap the talents of Dr. Koul and kamaumeetsworld for a demonstration of skill on this new release titled “Don’t Sweat.” The record is a cinematic and vibrant piece produced by Bwana Benji and sees the rapping duo go back to back with tandem flows and vivid lyrics.


The visuals directed by Tanguy Pichon taps into the energy of the song and have a driving and urgent feel. A smooth blend of engaging performance shots and visual effects to match the rapper’s fiery styles.

“Don’t Sweat” is the first official Herd Culture Kids music video. Stream or download their 3 track release here


HCK is a young collective and record label out of Geneva, Switzerland. We are the first label dedicated to reuniting the city’s best English-speaking Hip Hop artists and our first official album will drop in January 2022. Our roster features Dr Koul, kamaumeetsworld, Rootwords, Paps, Branko, Imagine and Evita Koné – this includes Captains Of The Imagination.

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