The ever-working swiss rap/soul trio Captains Of The Imagination return to the forefront with the visuals for their single “Never Felt So Alone.” The heartfelt song digs deep into the human subconscious and explores the dynamics of self-doubts, anxiety, and the ever-growing inner demons that live in the dark crevices of the mind. Dr.Koul and Evita Koné lead the fray with a soothing melodic chorus while Evita continues with an incisive rap verse dealing with loneliness. Imagine comes through in the second verse with a candid performance pointing out his shortcomings and lack of interest in being among other people.  After a psychedelic bridge, Dr. Koul closes it on an introspective note and the chorus comes back in to complete the mission. The track is produced by French producer, Josra.

The visual is cinematic and focuses on each of the member’s personal trauma using dark moody motifs and ominous aesthetics to drive home the concept of the song.

Fingerprint is Captains Of The Imagination’s 6th studio album, an EP produced entirely by Josra and Bdance, beatmakers for the French label Sorry I’m Late.

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