Her Songs is an international musical collective made up of an all-female cast ranging from producers, musicians, songwriters, and artists. Comprising of London based Dane Marie Dahlstrom, Brooklyn based Colombian Dani Murcia, Christchurch New Zealand-based Emily C Browning, French Londoner The Naked Eye and London based Emmavie. The collective is working on their 3rd collaborative EP and in the interim share with us, the lead single ” Lost A Little” to give us a taste of what to expect from the talented bunch.

Built on a soft piano chord, the track exudes hope and aims to uplift the soul of the listener in these uncertain times. Armed with insightful and vivid lyrics, the ladies bring nothing but pure soul as they detail the possibilities of life as long as look at the bright side and think outside the box or norm.

Written, recorded, and produced together in an open-plan Airbnb in Toronto in 2019. “Lost A Little” is taken from their upcoming EP, Toronto Vol. 2. which is the follow up to their previous EPs Toronto Vol. 1 EP, and 2018’s Los Angeles EP.  Get “Lost A Little” on all DSPs here.

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