Textures is the last work of the Swiss beat maker MowJoe. His name is relatively unheard, like the one of a new villain in a dark Edgar Allan Poe tale. Nevertheless, he’s making Internet people aware of his presence pretty quickly due to the amount of released material he seems willing to drop: 3 beat tapes in the last 3 months.

His fascination with music began at the age of 5, thanks to his mother, a jazz enthusiast who bequeathed her son, filling his heart with the love for music. His influences range from 60s and 70s Jazz moguls like Sun Ra to classic Soul, and from 70s B movies soundtracks to Golden Age Hip Hop. He is an avid record collector and music listener. Since his work is all sample based, he may often be seen digging crates compulsively inside dusty and creepy record stores.
People who know him in real life define him as “a weird music nerd”, in love with Jazz and 80’s TV series, with a strange fascination towards patchy, hand made sweaters.
He started using samplers around 2001, torturing an old AKAI 950 sampler. He is currently working with different MCs on a multitude of projects, he enjoys collaborating with different artists to expand his boundaries and to explore new ways of creating music.
His beats, often characterized by their lo-fi and dusty nature, have been labeled as “warm and intimate”. He has often been compared to members of the so called Los Angeles Beat Scene, although he resides in the cold heart of Europe. Among his favorite producers he often mentions J Dilla, who he considers the best and most influential producer of the last 30 years in modern music.
When he is not consumed by his regular 9 to 5, he can be found in his frugal apartment, trafficking with his gear to generate music that is “able to make a soul travel”.

Download “Te x t u r e s” on Bandcamp

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