Producer/Comedian Haji Outlaw drops his new EP: Digital Wraith Loop Adventures, a 5 track body of work that showcases his off-kilter production style that blends hip-hop with experimental sampling techniques. The project opens up with the moody “Hello, Bitch” which samples Lionel Richie’s “Hello” and flips it into something quite different. The way he chopped the main vocals is brilliant and the use of dark textures and thick basslines to accentuate the eerie vibes is dope as well.

 This is followed by  “Jake Hoyt Soliloquy”, a mellow soulful tune that chops pitched-up melodic vocals and is layered perfectly without drums. “Prom Night On Mars” follows a similar theme as he flips a classic soul sample, the horns, soothing vocal samples and offbeat beat count arrangement sure make it stand out. The project closes out with “Super Mario FuXXX” which brings an R-rated vibe into the mix with intense funky elements and “Bolivian Coke Daze”, a nostalgia-inducing piece that sounds like Madlib on drugs. The sample chops don’t follow conventional styles and move on their own accord.

Order link: Digital Wraith Loop Adventures by Haji Outlaw here.

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