We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Haji Outlaw – “Jordan Dunked On Pippen”

Haji Outlaw goes for a somewhat frenzied style on his new release “Jordan Dunked On Pippen.” He makes use of cinematic textures and a pitched-up vocal sample to good use.

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Vicstradamus – “Moonlight”

Vicstradamus brings something different on his new beat “Moonlight” where he blends off-kilter moody sounds with a somber piano arrangement.

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Pablo Eskobear – “Lavish Latinas”

Pablo Eskobear treats us with the exotic sounds of his new instrumental titled “Lavish Latinas” which sees him flipping a classic soul sample. The result is a smooth blend of chopped keys, horns and vocal samples layered expertly over a groovy drum break.

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CaliCronk – “Nightfall”

CaliCronk never disappoints and he gifts us with another gem titled “Nightfall.” The track is a somber and relaxing tune ripe with moody chords, sublime textures that blend perfectly into each other.


Ryck Jane – “2 Tales”

“2 Tales” is a bouncy nostalgia-inducing instrumental from Ryck Jane that pops up on our radar this week. The production is anchored by crunchy drum breaks, silky horns, and warm chords. Totally engaging all the way.

Dhedbeats – “Sunflowers”

Dhedbeats got something refreshing for us with his new single “Sunflowers.” As the title suggests, it’s a sunny field beat that exudes nostalgia in copious amounts. From the smooth keys, bright guitar plucks, and laidback bass grooves.

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Saï T – “Shades Of Groove”

Producer Saï T shares his new instrumental “Shades Of Groove” on our list. The lofi jazzy vibe is pronounced on this one and it’s quite engaging. From the warm bassline, lush guitar riffs, and slick soulful chords, Saï T  sure delivers the goods.

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Kuo – “Oasis”


Kuo makes his entry on our list this week with the vibrant and somewhat off-beat instrumental titled “Oasis.” The textures have a dreamy and reflective vibe while the drums are quite energetic and rapid too. Interesting fusion of soothing instruments as well.

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Swervus – “Goal Den Ours”

Swervus goes for a future funk vibe on his new release “Goal Den Ours.” The punchy beat is ripe with lush synths, fuzzy basslines and dreamy chords with soothing vocal harmonies to boot.


Manni Mono – “don’t talk”

German producer Manni Mono makes his entry on our list with “don’t talk” a laidback and soulful backdrop ripe with jazzy chords, heavenly horns, and sublime vocal runs to match.

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Coujo – “pickle rick”

Indie producer Coujo returns to our list with “pickle rick” A rousing hard-hitting trap beat that pays homage to the classic Rick & Morty episode. The track is ripe with ominous stabs, wobbly bass synths and vibrant trap drums to complete the job.


Herr Kaschke – “Zomboy”


Herr Kaschke makes his entry on our site on a grand note. On his new single “Zomboy” he really cranks up the energy levels and brings forth a raging synth, punchy drums, and dark textures to form a gripping piece that keeps one’s attention all the way through.
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Repeter T – “Like Heroin”

Repeter T goes for an offbeat approach on his new track titled “Like Heroin.” The guitar-laden beat is soothing and energetic at the same time, the way the production builds up is quite remarkable and it’s very dynamic from start to finish.
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Joe Sunrise – “Lightworks”

“Lightworks” is a laidback summery instrumental by Joe Sunrise who makes use of warm textures, sublime flutes, and smooth drum grooves to complete the mission.
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HammodbinRashed – “中式”

HammodbinRashed shares a drill instrumental titled “中式” for our list and it’s quite engaging. The bass-heavy beat has an exotic synth texture and punchy drums to match.
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Marc Mathias – “Tomorrow”

Marc Mathias delivers something for our list in the form of his new release “Tomorrow” which sees him chopping up a vocal sample with somber strings and warm basslines. The result is a laidback and reflective backdrop that everyone can rock with.
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Hanses – “Wie Heißt Du Eigentlich”

German producer Hanses goes into his lab to deliver this new piece titled “Wie Heißt Du Eigentlich” which sees him flipping samples from his German music collection. The track has a moody and cinematic feel layered over punchy boom-bap drums. The title is a reference to the most famous German dish „Schnitzel mit Pommes“

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PHAT FLAVOUR CREW – “Feel the Bass Kick”

UK production team PHAT FLAVOUR CREW come through our list with this timeless genre-bending instrumental titled “Feel the Bass Kick.” From 70s funk, 80s hip-hop breaks, and pop vibes, the team delivers something engaging, refreshing, and nostalgic at the same time.

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80 – “Studio”

Hard-working producer 80 takes us back into his “Studio” and delivers this soothing and sublime piece. The drum arrangement is lively and the moody keys sure blend perfectly with the synths.
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JunyaWatabooIshii – “Sockslover(Instrumental)”


Japanese producer JunyaWatabooIshii caught our attention with this lofi-choppy beat titled “Sockslover(Instrumental)” which takes samples from Teyana Taylor’s “Gonna Love Me” and turns it into something unexpected. He uses chiptune synths, pitched-down vocal samples, warm basslines, and smooth drum grooves for this one. “Sockslover(Instrumental)” is from Junyawatabooishii’s new album [Sockslover]. the 7th album was released in a row for 10 months.

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mango mic – “twó instrumental”

Atlanta-based producer mango mic makes his entry on our list with “twó instrumental” the laidback drum-less beat makes use of warm piano chops, reversed vocal samples layered in seamless form. It’s quite expressive and nostalgic.
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Krisengebeat – “Smooth Criminal”


Prolific German producer Krisengebeat closes out the list with this boisterous boom-bap beat titled “Smooth Criminal.” He makes use of booming basslines, sublime horn stabs, and dreamy textures over the thick drum to complete the job.
“Smooth Criminal” is the second single from the upcoming instrumental hip-hop album Ill Vibe.

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