Producer/composer Gidion Murrell makes his debut on TWIB with a double feature. The producer has gone into the lab to craft a folder of edits, flips, or complete remixes which he plans to share with the rest of the world. The first beat he has here is titled “not ya friend.” The beat has a downtempo trap groove and it’s peppered with broody textures with a hazy feel to it. The arrangement is pretty solid too and builds up to a plateau on the chorus section when the obscure distorted vocal-like samples come into play. Solid stuff from start to finish.

The second track we get to hear is titled “JUST 2 BALL” and this is brilliant as well. It starts with a filtered vocal sample which is also retriggered to sound very ethereal and smoky. The drums here are more upbeat and have a nice smooth head-nodding bounce to it. The dark strings/pads used here are solid too and gives it a reflective and atmospheric vibe. Overall it’s quite engaging and well crafted without being too overproduced and whatnot. Murrell sure knows his onions as he keeps it edgy enough without trying to overdo or add way too many elements which can make it seem oversaturated.

“not ya friend” and “JUST 2 BALL” are taken from Gidion Murrell’s forthcoming project which is a 3 part series of remixes composed using various sample sources and unique composition styles.


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