NY duo The Good People (Saint and Emskee) keep the good work flowing even in this period of extreme isolation by sharing the visuals for their reflective single titled  “Hear Me Out.” The duo waste no time in dropping jewels and sharing relatable situations we all have found ourselves in at some time or the other over the smooth jazz-infused boom-bap backdrop.


“Hear Me Out” sure has the classic feel-good hip-hop vibe with its smooth keys, head-nodding drums, thick basslines, and vocal scratches to tie things together. The duo runs through the dynamics of life in this digital era where everyone is caught up with the virtual world and using it to fuel their insecurities amongst other things. The duo approaches it from a more reflective viewpoint and doesn’t try to ram their beliefs down the listener’s throat so at the end of the day it’s up to you to do what is right for you.

“Hear Me Out” is augmented by a solid animated visual that follows the lyrics and theme of the song. Most recently The Good People released The Summer EP via Below System Records (Eto & Superior, The Arsonists) which featured appearances by A-F-R-OTermanology, TashHorror CityKriminul and the MXNXPXLY Family.

Download it for free on Bandcamp.


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