It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Justus Nassi – “Once Again”


Netherlands based producer Justus Nassi opens up the list with his retro-fitted beat titled “Once Again.” A vibrant groove, futuristic synths, solid basslines, and vocal samples to match.




Yung Bali – “Reana”


Lagos based producer Yung Bali cools it the list down with this serene head-nodding beat he calls “Reana.” He uses a nice blend of afro elements with dreamy soundscapes and a cinematic build-up. Solid all the way.
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DJ Serben – “Costa Rica”

DJ Serben shares “Costa Rica” which caught our ears on the list. A mid-tempo anthem laced with cinematic strings, crunchy drums, and smooth guitars.



Man With Roses – “Cache Money”

Producer Man With Roses enters our list with this lo-fi jazzy beat he calls “Cache Money.” He makes good use of lush 70s soul samples and strings over rumbling drums to make a solid track.




__offthedome -” Use Dipper”


__offthedome releases the second track from my recent beat tape, ‘Beat Route’. The track makes use of a classic soul sample chopped nicely into little pieces over soft boom-bap drums.
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drum pedro – “Coffee N Vibe”

Drum Pedro shares “Coffee N Vibe” a cinematic piece ripe with anthemic textures and soft snappy drums. It also has a nostalgic and reflective mood.
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Sieko Zalente – “Vibe Tribe”


Sieko Zalente goes into his bag with an eclectic piece titled “Vibe Tribe.” The beat has a smooth texture, rumbling percussions, and offbeat arrangement that makes it somewhat unique.

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ADAN – “Foggy Mirror”


ADAN‘s “Foggy Mirror” is taken from his new EP Impressions. The beat has a lethargic drive and the samples are stretched giving it a very moody atmosphere as well. It’s quite interesting and weird in a good way.

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Sal Dulu – “Alien Boy 96”


Irish producer Sal Dulu makes his way to our playlist with “Alien Boy 96.” The production style is varied and quite layered with a handful of musical elements ranging from moody pads, obscure vocal chops, and keys.




Daida – “Positive Expectations”


Daida is not new to us and his releases are always solid and on his new release titled “Positive Expectations,” he once again shows his versatility. The laidback melancholic beat he crafts are lush, reflective all the way.
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Professor Crabb – “Cry”


Australian producer Professor Crabb makes his way on our list with his new release “Cry.” He chops up a classic soul sample that every hip-hop head can recognize and makes it his own. He also throws in some interesting elements from synths, scratched vocals, and fx into the mix. “Cry” is released as part of the ‘Village Live & Direct’ single series on Village Live Records.
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Eleanor Jr – “The Weight of the World, Pt.2”

Eleanor Jr brings “The Weight of the World, Pt.2” to our list. From the solemn pads, sequences, and dreamy textures, the beat sure gives a laidback, relaxing vibe that everyone can rock to
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ohdonnymadeit -“Nocturnal”


ohdonnymadeit‘s new release titled “Nocturnal” caught our attention with its futuristic texture and smooth vibes. It’s very crisp and easily something you can add to your afternoon relaxing playlist

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Carl C Beats – ‘Vibes”

Carl C Beats gave us pure ‘Vibes” for this week’s list. He makes use of a mellow chilled texture, lush guitars, and soft drums to match.




Daida – “Echoes In My Mind”


Daida releases the 3rd track from the Turquoise Days EP. The track has a solemn and somewhat introspective mood with its warm basslines, boom-bap drums, and gripping guitars that engulf it all. He adds that the guitars represent his thoughts as he walks alone. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Youtube





Gidion Murrell x MonteCarlo – “Poetry In Motion”


The duo of Gidion Murrell and MonteCarlo team up for this new collaboration “Poetry In Motion” a dark and ominous piece that blends futuristic elements with offbeat sound designs.
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RINZ. – “Red Umbrella Girl”


Producer RINZ. pays tribute to the “Red Umbrella Girl” on his new beat. The laidback uplifting guitar riffs, lush keys, and punchy drums all add up to the producer’s adulation for that mysterious girl he saw while he was at a cafe sipping coffee. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify




Dry Humper – “All of My Life”


Dry Humper‘s “All of My Life” has a triumphant feel with its cinematic textures, vocal flips, and smooth build-up. Get it on Youtube




Johnboybeats – “Faraway”


Johnboybeats closes the list with “Faraway” a nostalgia-inducing beat laced with dreamy sax melodies, smooth bass guitars, and a soft drum groove to complete the mission.
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