Dj Concept ups the ante on this brilliant revamping of Ghetto’s Ain’t Even Illegal. Built upon a smooth sample that feels like something out of a 80s TV show, you get transported into a cloud nine type state where chilling out is at an all time high(see what I did there).

Say no more, hit that play button and get down with the dopeness.

For the first sampling of his upcoming #csde project, Lawtown representative Ghetto’s standout track “Ain’t Even Illegal” gets a new coat of blunted paint courtesy of Long Island’s, DJ Concept.

This ain’t no afterthought-type remix where an extra verse is tacked on, either; frequent collaborator, Concept takes “Ain’t Even Illegal” to another realm entirely with his silky instrumental. His approach ditches the grimy, albeit dope, aesthetic of Lee Bannon’s original, and opts for flourishing strings, and an old-school R&B guitar line to bolster the track. It all blends perfectly with the rhymes supplied by Ghetto, Smoke DZA, and R.E.K.S., who throw middle-fingers at sheisty cops, and show love to only the finest green.

While it’s certainly a choice addition to any relaxation-minded playlist, Concept’s remix is a reminder that you should give Chain Smoking another spin—and you can do that right here. Listen to the “Ain’t Even Illegal” remix via the link below and watch out for #CSDE when it drops Oct. 20, 2015.

Original Version (prod. by Lee Bannon): HERE

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