German hip hop producer Be Franky has worked with many underground mc’s worldwide. In Summer 2015 he produced a free mixtape called “Big City Big Dreams” with over 10 different artists from overseas. This video is the second video extraction from the tape. The Mixtape feels very old school orientated, it samples a lot soul, jazz in a uplifting way.

Be Franky:
This song is called “Old with the New” because we mixed oldschool vibe and newschool influences together. The beat is made with an old soul record sampled and hard kickin drums. The first part of the song is very oldschool in beat and rap technique, then it changes up and goes into newer style. Mr I.T. is an american underground rapper from Chicago and delivers a message that everything is possible. And we made a first step: We are both independent but with social networks and some taste in good music it is possible to work together and harmonize and make an eye catching song. This song is one of my favorites out of the tape.
Me for myself, i’m a workaholic and being-creative-lover, so i did the artwork for myself, organized all the communication, sending beats, final mixing and mastering and so on. It took me almost 3 months, because many artists out there don’t be serious with their music and begin playing games when it comes to be serious, but finally i made the tape, got the review, good critics and i am very proud of my work. Mr I.T. did a great great job on this one, i honestly enjoy listening to this song. So for me as independent producer it would be a huge favour if you take a listen and may be post our song. Have a good day, Vincent aka Be Franky

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