Born John Gilchrist and raised in North Oakland, Genra has been around music for as long as he can remember. Coming up, his father would always play artists like Stevie Wonder & BeBe & CeCe Winans in the house. By middle school, he’d begin recording his own music on cassette tapes. During sophomore year of high school, Genra started perfecting his craft. A friend gave him a tape with nothing but jazzy boom bap instrumentals. It became the music he started writing to, shaping his style. Growing up in Oakland, people would listen to him rap and sing and often say “you have your own style. It’s like you’re your own genre.” From there, the artist name, Genra took root.
“I grew up on Bay Area music. I lived through the hyphy movement, but I still loved the Hieroglyphics & Souls of Mischief. That’s what I practiced. When I graduated high school, I started modeling for Ford Models full time on a three year contract. I was in GQ, Nike, Levi’s etc. I met with a good amount of record labels who liked my look and writing but were unsure about the lane I was in. But I kept making the music I love and it’s starting to pay off.”

“Never let someone who gave up on their dreams, talk you out of yours.” This quote summarizes Genra’s latest single, entitled ‘Day Ones’. It’s a nod to the die-hard supporters that have been along for the ride with him. When asked about the track, Genra had this to say…


“Growing up, everyone I was around loved music and made music casually. But for many of them, it was a phase. I wondered if it would be the same for me. Overtime, my love for music grew stronger. My curiousity went deeper and my desire to be an active participant became just as important as listening. Today, making music is an large part of my identity. But there have been so many attempts to dissuade me from pursuing my passion. “It’s a waste of time.” “Your chances are one in a million.” More often then not, the naysayers are people who quit on their dreams long ago. So this song is actually dedicated to the friends I’ve had that spent time with me freestyling in my Nissan Sentra. If you road with me in the Nissan Sentra, you’re a Day One. If you’ve been part of this journey showing me support, whether in the comments or the DM, you’re a Day One. If you’ve sent my music to homies and helped spread the word, you’re a Day One. My Day Ones help me keep my head up.”


Be sure to hit up Genra on Twitter to get closer to the artist and follow up on updates from him.

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