Geno Five vents his frustrations and reflects on all the many dilemmas he is facing in his new single “Dilemma.” The aptly titled song goes the whole nine as the young emcee really pours everything out from personal life issues as he tries to make sense of the craziness around him. From the stress and uncertainty of the current quarantine situation to relationship dramas and deteriorating friendships, Geno Five looks at it all and leaves no stone unturned.




October 5th, 1995. Born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey. Geno Five has become more than just a compelling lyricist. His unique energy and charisma bestowed upon his musical performance never gives listeners a dull moment. With appearances on Revolt Tv and being an opening act for Jadakiss, Lil Uzi and more. Geno’s colorful wordplay and relatable lyrics continue to serve as a breath of fresh air in this current climate of Hip Hop.


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