Her debut E.P. is here, and we’ve been waiting for this…

2020’s been a whammy so far. With so much going on this year, the music world’s been flipped on its head. Labels are speeding up releases and musicians are producing more music than ever before. Joining these talented creators is British R&B dutchess of pop Alice Rowe, who we can always count on to cause a stir. Her debut E.P., Foreseen, is a streaming steady goodie, having already been featured in Wonderland, Notion, and on editorial R&B Spotify playlists.

The five-track E.P. is beautifully curated, radiating with Alice’s spunk and tenacity at every peak and valley. Alice sings over the lo-fi-padded, grain-and-crackle sound of “Do You Feel Me,” the first single she presented off of the E.P., with such finesse you can hear each lyric fall off the pages of fluttering thought. But Foreseen presents more than vengeance in a love letter torn to shreds. It’s a story about guilt-free decadence, in choosing yourself over everything and not feeling a smidge of doubt about that decision.

On “Running,” the third single, Alice preserves her relationship authority as she sings with strong-willed passion: “I don’t need nobody but myself /  I’ll give you back the dreams you tried to sell / Independent, yeah you got me running.” The final track, “Chameleon,” is a soulful bop that truly showcases Alice’s natural vocal ability to transform into a chameleon herself that can hit the hard notes across several different styles and ranges.

Foreseen is an E.P. about choices, and Alice has chosen a road toward independence in both love and career. Her body of work represents the new age of romance we’re interacting in. It’s less of a hassle to be single, it seems, as more 20 and 30-somethings are choosing careers over families, self-care over relationship maintenance. In this department, the singer has taken the title of the voice of the young people. There’s no need to keep calling her an “emerging” artist. This ladybird of jazz is on track to hit it big like soulful crooners Amy Winehouse and Etta James before her. She’s arrived with a bang on this special project. Life only gets better from here, so make sure you can keep up with her.

Listen to Foreseen here:









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