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I love collecting tapes, especially DEMOS. This tape was released about three years ago, and all of a sudden it vanished. It took me at least a good 6 months endlessly to find this joint. It’s an awesome tape, considering how and where Jay-Z started with his ”Fu-Schniken” (c/o Nas) rhymes. I have plenty of these types of tapes in the deck from many artists, but I wanted to start with re-releasing this joint. I cleaned up the tracklisting info on them as well. Im pretty sure some of you may have it, but for those that dont, here’s the download.

01 1991 Freestyle at Big Daddy Kane’s Birthday Bash
02 ’93 Freestyle
03 It’s That Simple
04 Livin’ It Up [feat. Sauce Money]
05 Originators & Originators 99 [feat. Jaz-O]
06 Many Styles [feat. Original Flavour]
07 My Kind Of Girl [feat. Rude Boys]
08 Hawaiian Sophie [feat. Jaz-O]
09 Can I Get It Open [feat. Original Flavour]
10 What’s In A Name
11 I Cant Get With That
12 Show And Prove [feat. Big Daddy Kane]
13  In My Lifetime [1st Version]

Download: Vintage Jay-Z [1989-1994]


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