OneLove Beats – Luv

OneLove Beats – WeCanMakeItNow

OneLove Beats – World Was Mine

Attention: WIB HEAT!….Listen with caution….27 tracks to make your headnod and spine shift…Better step headnod game up!…LOL!….It was hard to pick tracks out to post up….other than that…Hope you enjoy the sounds of producer…”OneLove Beats”…..Seriously some ill prouction going on here…A Definite must have of an album thats “FREENESS”….This project is more or less a collection of soulful beats that I’ve been putting together over the past few months. It was primarily inspired by the stack of records that sit next to my computer and my love for pure hip hop music…..-OneLove Beats


OneLove Beats: Bandcamp


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