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Jay Lee – Music For Life


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, i really don’t like DJ’s shouting all over tracks, and that’s exactly what DJ Sight does here over and over and over and over again…deam annoying, specially given the fact that this is a very good mixtape.

This could have been one of my favourites mixtapes this year….but “DJ Sight” gets really annoying half way through….I almost turned it off when I heard him shout out his twitter & facebook account in the middle of track yo!!  Way too much self promotion.

But still, even with DJ Sight on board, Up State of Mind is definitely worth a listen, just so you can witness a real dope up & coming lyricist. I knew Jay Lee was a brother to keep an eye on, but after this my respect for him just went up a notch…the brother is very talented and glides with ease on all beats.

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