Divine Rights – Ong Bak

Divine Rights – It’s all magic

Divine Rights – Drettruno

Very fresh EP straight from London/UK , “The Blue Tape” is the brainchild of the collective “Divine Rights“, composed of Bamalan, Cystic, Dirty Stanz and DJ Mileage


The Blue Tape as a name represents a few things in the eyes of Divine Rights. Firstly, In England the Five pound note is coloured blue funnily enough the a physical CD cost £5 to purchase, this is also why London slang for a £5 score of weed is known as a Blue (or Bluez). Secondly true believers of of using music to sometimes take you to places a normal conversation can’’t go to you will find a slight blue comedic undertone to some lyrics.


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The Blue Tape is a subtle blend of many aspects of Hip Hop that hits hard and keeps a consistent level lyricism and production all formed nicely across 18 tracks.

The Blue Tape will bring Divine Rights fans all the energy they have come to expect from the team. While at the same time giving new listeners an eye opening look into not Only Divine Rights Music, But U.K and European Hip Hop as a whole.

With Bamalam and Cystic as your main hosts, Dirty Stanz backing them up on the buttons and DJ Mileage on the vocal cuts. They bring you a very Londonized style of lyricism and gritty instrumentals. As far as vocal collaborations goes they have tried to keep it as in house as possible, So an appearance from Potent Whisper (We Are Dubist) and Phoebe & Nanci (Congo Natty Recordings) Can be confirmed. They are also Uniting nations they have brought in the likes of Rico Beat (Italy), Manu Beats (Spain), Mindtwist productions (Norway) and The Cratez (Germany) proving that Hip Hop spreads far and wide to bring people together.

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