Cvago – Havin them 2

Cvago – Go! ft Sowande


Hunting Grooves is a six track Ep with a magical raw and soulful blend of sampled based Hip-Hop and live instruments. Hunting Grooves reflects a period of 2005 till 2010. The years in which Cvago combined these two elements into the sound he brings us today.

Cvago started making beats in 2001 as an apprentice of Ballantyne one of the Dutch beatmaking pioneers. Originally Camilo Silva plays the percussion, shortly after he started making beats he went back to playing live instruments until 2005. The rest is history , he has preformed amongst artist such as The Mendes Brothers, Erik Rico, N’tjam Rosie, Gery Mendes and Furlan Williams.

Hunting Grooves is the first escapade in a series of tapes presented by Cvago and

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