CoseMP – Scarlett Velvet

CoseMP – Bad Situation In The Ghetto

CoseMP – The Mischief Maker

Its heating up in Arizona nowadays so on that note…This is WIB heater for the hiphop masses and beat freaks to vibe to…Mc and producer reppin’ Phoenix AZ proper.”Cose MP” ..Doin’ Justice at maintaining a steelo all on its own..Been checkin homies material for a minute and he just came out double fisting slangin’ heat rock after heat rock for this solid foundation of the entitled beatstumental album “Timeline”..It is really a masterpiece in it’s own rythmic qualities of sound and samples…This is a definite album to have in the playlist on rotation..Ghea Enjoy the talent and ambition on a come up….WIB ESTABLISHING HEAT OUT THE WOMB!…
…Bang this for your pleasure!! …


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