Mostafa releases visuals to his single “y.o.u” produced by MP. The single is the second release from his new album titled ‘Nvmnd.’

Mostafa unravels layers of vulnerability through transparent wordplay and storytelling. Somber keys and textures steer this tale and Mostaf’s raw clear-cut raw deliverance.

Regarded as one of the Northwest’s sharpest emcees, Mostafa pulls on heartstrings as he shares about a love who is being destroyed by inner demons and slowly becoming a stranger to him. The record begins with Mostafa lyrically parlaying about the relationship, then transcends into therapy in an attempt to not only move forward but to comprehend exactly what happened to his love.

The track stirs up trauma but does offer to heal. A gripping part is how defenseless Mostafa became when he fell in love and the indescribable intensity that took over while she held him until her demons began to creep in and surface.

Watch the official video for “y.o.u” and connect with Mostafa below.

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