Japanese American rapper/songwriter Fox Spirit shares the heartfelt track “Haruna” which talks about the story of a young bright university student’s struggles juxtaposed with that of street prostitutes in Tokyo, Japan known as Tachinbo. Over a dark and brooding soundscape, Fox Spirit draws us into the world of a young lady whose dreams of being a doctor are derailed by following an aspiring rapper and the life-changing events that occur after. Lines like

Regretting burning early
Streets are for the dreamer’s dream
But all she seeks is C.R.E.A.M
She be creaming for a fiend

show the change in her attitude to life as she found another outlet to express herself while supporting her loved ones.




Belonging to the “lost generation” of Hip Hop, Atsu Nakayama began recording music as Fox Spirit in 2020 during his studies in Liverpool. Born in Philadelphia, and raised in Tokyo, Fox Spirit wandered the earth as a foreigner to all lands, trying to find peace in an ever-changing environment. Being the same age as the late XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD, two voices of his generation, Fox Spirit carries their legacy by embodying the angst mood and depressive tendencies of said lost generation.

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