Rapper/producer Earl Hondo steps into his musician bag as he takes on the challenge with his latest release “I Would Die 4 U”. The track is a cover of the classic Prince song and I must say, it’s a solid cover. The famous bassline is present and the drum grooves are snapping and have a distinct texture that works perfectly with Earl’s sublime falsetto vocals. He definitely does a great job and his layered harmonies and arrangement is well-crafted.



Stream on all DSPs here.

Hondo started his career as a music producer in 2014 after a prominent music producer and a number of his colleagues encouraged him to take music more serious. As a star pupil in his school chorus and high school talent show winner, he gained the audience of LRL Pinnacle Music Group, a publishing company under which Hondo put out his first single “Love Song” under the alias “WIll.” Earl Hondo currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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