Fox Spirit is a mythical creature that does Lofi Hip-hop to spit tales of human life and tragedy. It is the brain that comprehends what you hear, and it is the heart that lets you feel. But it is the spirit that allows you to mediate the two.

Atsuhiro Nakayama who is behind the mask of Fox Spirit was born in Philadelphia, grew up in Yokohama Japan and currently resides in Liverpool, UK. Nakayama always felt far from home not knowing where home really is. He is a firm believer of empathy as the solution to all human struggle. Nakamaya embodies Fox Spirit, whose only purpose is to save others from despair.

On this song titled Far Away, the story follows a narrator who tragically lost his significant other. He is incapable of moving on. The guilt for the deceased and the fear of losing another is inevitable and overwhelming. Violet, who sings the hook really holds the song together with her soothing vocals, driving the emotion of the song all the way home.


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