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As soulquarian says, I always ask the hard questions aye? Nonetheless it got people talking, thinking and sharing, it’s a nice read actually, and it follows on well from the two FORUM posts on production put up last week (Making Beats 101 and In The Lab). I posed two of them ‘simple’ questions, how hard can it be to name your favourite beat and producer, right? Turns out it’s pretty tricky! I went with the classic classic Premo and Pitch Black’s It’s All Real, and I still maintain the producer but now do I think It’s All Real’s my favourite beat? I dunno. There were some other dope suggestions too, we had usual suspects like Pete Rock and T.R.O.Y, Exile, Madlib et al, but then Sato dropped some dope as Japanese production such as Microphone Pager, Suiken and, of course, DJ Krush. It’s dope, don’t miss out, check it, you might hear something you’ve never heard before. And of course, tell us your favourite beats, and your favourite producer, even why you think that or what makes a good beat.

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