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Our boy and contributer soulquarian14 asked this over on our forums a while back, and it’s something that didn’t get the attention it probably deserved. We got readers who are producers and make beats and others that enjoy the process, so it’ll be interesting to see what you can contribute.

I always find reading or watching footage of artists working on projects in the studio fascinating – so i thought i’d create a topic where everyone can share anything they’ve come across that embodies those moments of raw creativity under construction.

I’ll start off by posting some of my favourites…

The BLACKROC sessions:

an album which came out last year which i’m yet to check out. It was produced over 11 days with a slew of high profile contributors, and the best part – it was all documented! Some real fly-on-the-wall stuff: conversations, humour and of course the hard work. I wish every album did this :P

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Kanye West: Project Runaway:

I just read this earlier today and I absolutely loved it. Noah Callahan-Bever was invited to Hawaii to document the creation of MBDTF, and it makes for some amazing reading. The atmosphere and images conjured up of the hip hop collective of olympian status (mostly) that assembled for the project is brilliant. To top it off it ends with little monolouges of the key players and a behind-the-scenes image gallery. Looking at the pictures the studio looks like a NASA control room – and they already look like historical type moments. My favourite picture is probably #13 with the rules and regulations of “rap camp” – you gotta get up close to read them but they’re hilarious!

Let’s try and get a dope archive of creative moments in hip hop going – looking forward to what you guys got to share!

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