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So, two pretty big news items come out this week in the world of Hip Hop sure to stir up some controversy. First up, you mighta heard through Dono on our forums or J’s article up yesterday, or some place else, that there’s a bit of uproar about Common performing poetry at the White House tonight. Some Conservative media and politicians like Fox News and Palin have cottoned on that Common’s lyrics are sometimes not so flattering when it comes to politics and making sure everyone knows it too. Is it right though that they are using Hip Hop and music to fit their agenda? Or is it just a case of people not understanding where Common is coming from and what he is about? Maybe they have a point, maybe it’s not suitable for someone like Common who speaks out and down against police and authority be invited to the White House. It’d be interesting to hear your views.

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Second, and probably the biggest story this week is the drop of Goblin in stores. Tyler, The Creator’s release is one of the biggest hyped albums of the year, it’s mad how the buzz has developed ever since I watched the Yonkers video the day he stuck it on Youtube. Never thought it’d get so big so fast. And now you’ve heard the songs, watched the videos, read the reviews (Paddy’s is a real good read), probably picked up a copy too. So after all the talk, what do you make of it? Is it as fresh as Bastard (in case you haven’t got it, download it from OFWGKTA’s tumblr here) or is the whole ‘rape and murder’ thing losing its appeal? After this, where do you see Tyler and the rest of Odd Future going, will the hype be sustained for long? It’s one of the biggest topics in Hip Hop at the moment, so share your views, tell us what you think.

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