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sato asked this, and I thought it was quite intriguing and maybe a bit controversial.

I love my samples… I even bought a book called the Sample dictionary, which listed the original samples that the producers used to create their beats…

But some artists have been sampled way too much… Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, James Brown, Michael Jackson (including his days from Jackson 5, and The Jacksons), and Kool and the Gang just to name some off the top of my head.

The problem isn’t that these artists are frequently sampled, it’s that people just loop the sample so every damn song sounds the same…

If you were to ban all producer from sampling from a certain artist, who would you choose to ban?

So, when you hear James Brown flipped for the 50th time do you start saying this is boring? Or doesn’t it matter? Can you potentially ‘ruin’ an artist by having his songs too closely affiliated with Hip Hop? Something to get you thinking.

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