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Heard this EP a few weeks back and only just now got around to about putting it up on WIB, my bad cos you’ve been missing out. Released the end of March, Citymouth’s Holdecker EP is a dope instrumental tape dopped by the aptly named Dropping Gems label. Its description via Bandcamp:

The Holodecker EP represents an early sampling of the current satellite-relay transmissions we believe to be authored by reclusive beat-futurist Citymouth. Held within these 5 tracks are the ancestral memories of wars fought between robo-tribes (“Fingercrampz,” “Planetsquat”), miracles beheld between bulkheads (“Sepakulive”), love baked between transistors (“Holodecker”), and docking procedures choreographed between ships which have long since dissolved into the endless rings of space debris that encircle our planet (“Nimbusfloor”). The pace alternates between frenetic and contemplative, depending on which chemicals your spacesuit nutria-tube is currently feeding you. You try to turn the knob but it’s covered in grime. You expect to hear ticking but instead perceive beeping. You’re blazed in the habitat ring. You vaporize as Earth becomes a distant memory inscribed in grease upon the plate-metal wallpaper. Five tracks later you reassemble, subtly altered, and try to decide whether you’ll press rewind.

Err, a bit of a long winded description maybe but nonetheless it a real nice wonky, trippy, melodic set of instrumentals, make sure you give it a listen. And so is Dropping Gems’ other stuff, all of which you can get for free from their Bandcamp (link at the bottom of the article as per). Dropping Gems is a pretty sweet collective actually, and alongside Project Mooncircle one of those things that I’ll be sure to be keeping up to date with. From their website:

Dropping Gems is a collective of musicians based in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to share a particular vision of the future of humanity as it’s expressed in the form of electronic music. So we produce and release albums, and create events for people to come hear us and those that we love and respect.

There’s a few albums there for you to enjoy (Bone Rock’s ‘Ears’ and self titled EP are personal favourites) and a few podcasts on their website too.

Dropping Gems: Website Bandcamp


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