It actually took me minute to recollect my thoughts then I remembered the song Way Of Life(check HERE) and it all came rushing back to me. Fearce Vill displays a very touching side on this heartfelt emotional song called Final Goodbye where he recounts memories of loved ones and his own struggles regarding dealing with their demise and then some. The cinematic backdrop by Bean One definitely helps channel the man’s thoughts effectively while the visuals tie all the parts together.

Look out for a short clip where Fearce Vill’s late Grand dad trains with the legendary Bruce Lee

As the great Walter Sobchak once stated, “Life does not start and stop at your convenience.” We find love as fast as we lose it. The fights, the breakups, the reunions and the struggles are all universal. Death, being the great equalizer, robs us of our loved ones, but it also gives us closure and allows us to make aware of our finite existence. Fearce Vill, member of Seattle’s Yuk The World crew, has also been affected by the death of his friends and family and “Final Goodbye” is a tribute to those important people. Full of shots detailing the memories of his family, Fearce takes his time in appriciating how much these people meant to him. Until we meet them above the clouds, let’s take a moment to reminisce the fallen but not forgotten. Make sure to catch Fearce Vill during his 53 stop national tour with Rhymesayer’s Grieves at a city near you.

• Directed by Jonathan Parrot
• Produced by Bean One

Buy-Link (iTunes): HERE

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